A Scary Movie Might Be True

A Scary Movie Might Be True

As the world is clouded with dark uncertainties, there is an enigma unrecognized behind the silent stories that experienced horror beyond normality. These mysteries are not even included in a category of important matters; hence they are not exposed as we wished. For normal people, there is an urgency to expose the truth of anomalies that are happening in silent places. Every attempt made has proven nothing to reveal the nature of whatever it is in the unseen world. The discontentment of failed endeavors has pushed people to create a film that may illustrate an exact embodiment of ghosts or horrific creatures. Since these beings remained unseen from the shadows, humans created an imaginary nature that defies logic to make other people question if they are really true or not. Whatever is true or just fantasy, this will change what is known to be ordinary.

It is exaggerated in reality to

It is exaggerated in reality to make them unbelievable, surreal, or scary, as these movies are made to disturb thoughts before you go to sleep, even during the daytime. The movie “Insidious” has a unique story, not because of a common criterion that qualifies as a horror movie, but for the theory that it is possible to cross the dark worlds of demons. The ability to transcend to a different world is a terrifying fact, especially if you cannot control it, even if a person has a gift to transcend, there is no guarantee to live a normal life. If indeed, the reality of normal is what we experience in our daily lives, then relating it to that possibility would be sinister. Who can live a normal life after seeing ethereal beings that others cannot see? It would not only result in a constant proving of insanity but also a terror for the person who acquired such a gift.

Unique movies possess a distinction that

Unique movies possess a distinction that most films do not have, unlike the typical ones that are only scary for the intensifying sound effects, morbid customs, or a boring act. The concept is imperative to activate imagination in colorful ways or dark ways in that matter. It does not only leave the viewers terrified, but also provides a theory of several what-ifs. The graphics, mask, customs, make-ups are just ingredients of a movie to make it realistic, however, the concept will mark a memory in the mind. If viewers cannot handle watching it just for the scary visualizations, how much more if they take time to internalize the possibilities that may be true. There may be an escape from actual dangerous situations, still, a person cannot escape with his own scary thoughts.

A Scary Movie Might Be True

Viewers only see what is depicted clearly in fear as the movie denotes satanic signs in some scenes that only extraordinary individuals know. Those who are fascinated to unravel the deepest secrets of a dark world are knowingly aware of these signs. The further you will reach the history of unraveling these signs, the more hellish it would be for you. Certain doors were opened during the movie, since it is a series, there were different colors of doors in every series. Each of them indicates a passage to an infernal realm where there is anguish, remorse, and absolute wickedness. It is too much for an innocent child to watch such kind of movie since a film can open the eyes to what is pure evil.

The film is not recommended for those innocent minds, not because they are weak or prone to fear, but for the preservation of purity. This kind of movie is not meant only for entertainment as it reveals the unfamiliar passage of thinking that may affect a person’s belief in life. Where there is fear, there is a confusion of truth that leads to ruin. Most adults have become accustomed to the usual effect of horror movies as they normalize the feeling of inconvenience while watching them. Not aware that there is an accumulated fear taken every moment spent in watching it. Discernment is needed to distinguish the truth of any anomalies, may it be through logic or spiritual belief.

A person who has strong belief will never tremble to any supernatural occurrences whether it is happening for real, or just on television. Horror movies are still just movies after all.