Kiwis’ Horror Dosage to increase with arrival of Shudder

On Monday the 17 August 2020, the Kiwis from Australia and New Zealand are brought “horrific” excitement. The US entertainment network and platform, AMC, has finally launched their premium subscription streaming service, Shudder, in New Zealand and Australia. Shudder is a genre specific streaming service, specializing in airing your Horror, Thriller and Supernatural movie genres. They first launched their streaming service in the great US back in 2015. Shudder was only available for viewers streaming in the US at first, until growth and expansion beckoned.

When their digital footprint demanded new cities and international landings, they first expanded to the UK, Canada, Germany and Ireland. For a many years they focused on these areas, however, promised the Kiwis expansion to their homes and TV sets. After a long wait, two years to be exact, that promise is finally materializing. A “soft launch” of the service is said to have occurred in Aotearoa recently, but it confirmed nothing. On Monday, Shudder Australia and New Zealand officially announced that the streaming platform is coming to their shores. This has brought excitement to the Horror fanatics in Australia, especially since the service primarily focuses on this genre and other alike genres.

There are hundreds of hours and

Craig Engler, who is the General Manager of Shudder announced his excitement to have their platform available in Australia. He went on to inform NZ Herald that “(they’re) thrilled to share (their) unrivalled collection of curated horror and supernatural movies and series with Australian and New Zealand audiences. Just in time for Halloween season, where they feature their biggest and best programming of the year”.

There are hundreds of hours and titles to scroll through and watch on the platform. It is a paid subscription, but viewers are given a Free Trial period to observe Shudder, before they make any financial commitments. The subscription costs are going to respectively be above AU$5 and NZ$6 and if a new member makes an annual payment using the ShudderANZ promo code, they get a 20% discount. Viewers can catch the network on their Apple TV, Android TV, any Android and iOS devices, as well as Austalia’s FireTV.

Kiwis' Horror Dosage to increase with arrival of Shudder

Kiwis are warned that not all Shudder content will immediately be made available to them, but the selection provided is worth raising an eyebrow. Some of these movies to watch out for are Shudder’s original horror Noire: A History of Black Horror, the feminist thriller “Revenge” and the indeginous zombie film “Blood Quantum”. They informed on their Twitter page, that more “titles will be made available soon as things are being rolled out in phases”.

This should be an exciting Halloween for the Kiwis as they are in for some “thrilling” action with Shudder.