The Amusing Horror Stories That You Need To Hear

The Amusing Horror Stories That You Need To Hear

There are plenty of park stories that are not only horrific but also create fear. For example, a dangerous park story of killer whale that shocked SeaWorld visitors more than ten years ago. It was the story of a trainer in one of the United States’ mammal parks who was attacked and killed by a whale after being dragged underwater. This unfortunate occurrence raised lots of questions of whether there’s enough security for tourists that visit these places. Similarly, it exposed the dangers that are awaiting SeaWorld workers with critics remaining doubtful about the significance of keeping killer whales in several the parks.

Another amusement park story that’s often

Another amusement park story that’s often overlooked is the tens of thousands of people that get injured when riding in parks. Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States which was released nearly two years ago revealed that close to 20000 injuries that related to rides were reported in 2018 alone. More than 60 percent of these injuries were reported by inflatable riders while the remaining injuries were as result of mobile riders. Since this information was provided by the parks, there are greater chances that the number could even be higher. Unquestionably, a good percentage of parks have mastered the art of underreporting the number of injuries to protect their source of livelihood.

Consequently, an event that happened over

Consequently, an event that happened over eleven years at Arkansas Park is something that’s still fresh in the minds of victims. Although stacking of the roller coaster had happened multiple times before, the 2007 incident was different because it left hundreds of users hanging on the roller stranded for more than one hour not knowing what to do. One hour was enough to enable you walk from the heart of New York City to Sterling Lake. Similar incidences were reported at Six Flags where a clip of passengers complaining about blood rushing to their head after their roller got stack shocked every Internet users.

The Amusing Horror Stories That You Need To Hear

Even though the action of sliding on water is considered to be much safer than other rides, sliding averagely at a speed close to 40 km per hour can be life-threatening. An event that occurred at one park in the New Jersey left a 22-year-old man paralyzed for the rest of his life. He was sliding when he lost control hitting his head first in the pool which marked the end of his normal activity. The man’s decision of going head first as well as the pool that was barely 3 feet deep could be the source of misfortune. Equally, the pool was below the required threshold that’s needed to absorb an impact whenever you’re going down faster.

A couple of years ago, what seemed to be a beautiful ride on a flume at the Steel Pier amusement park in Atlantic City between a man and his family became a nightmare when he was ejected out of the flume. This was blamed on the malfunctioning of the device that also caused injuries to his family members. Undoubtedly, merry go around is a darling to many more so young children and is seen as the best holiday vacation for children. However, there are reported cases of children losing their lives when on these rides. Apart from strapping children’s shoulder, there are cases where children fall off from these devices.

When the same question was posted on Quora, Glenn Bevensee who admitted that he worked for Six Flags Great Adventure for four years narrated one horrific amusement of a lifetime. Being an EMT in first aid department, Glenn admitted that they had medical equipment that could manage every kind of illness, including scraped knees, heart attacks, diabetic together with others. Things changed over three decades ago when a minor lit a foam in what he referred to as Haunted Castle. The incident, according to Glenn, took away eight souls of young children. Glenn revealed that seven died in the treatment facility while another child died instantly at the structure.

He believed that the act was intentional since the culprit could’ve died in the process. Two people were injured while attempting to rescue children together with controlling the fire and Glenn disclosed that he among them. Surprisingly, there was nobody that was charged considering that a purported criminal went scot-free for being underage.