Why Indians Make Bad Horror Movies

Why Indians Make Bad Horror Movies

Horror movies are meant to be scary because that’s the best thing that makes people watch with bravery. Without the scary scenes, there won’t be fun, fear and suspense. If you’re able to watch a full Indian Horror movie, you deserve an award because they’re not good at acting such genres. These people lack skills of horror artists and have poor music background for the scene which makes their movie production poor. Their ghosts are supposed to look and act scary, but the reverse is the case with Indians.

Hilarious things about ghosts in Indian movies are the way they rub plenty of powder on their face, funny old clothes with long nails. Majority of their makeup artists don’t know the right way to dress these artists for a scene. Ghosts are made to fly in horror movies, making them look like superheros in other action movies. When Indians produce horror movies, you’ll mistake it for bad superhero film because they don’t just relate. Another awkward aspect concerns the ladies and how their makeup with hair is being made to look less scary.

A supernatural being shouldn't be seen

The story line is another turn off about Indian horror movies, as writers compose irrelevant activities that’ll occur in the movie. A story might be written about ghosts that’ll wait for years to hunt someone, or need permission to get to certain places which seems odd. Most times, the ghost seeks for revenge by coming to the real world, and after the drama, they’ll end up getting none. Indians are addicted with songs alongside dance in their movies, so it’s funny how they add this culture in scary genres.

A supernatural being shouldn’t be seen dancing to Indian songs as it doesn’t look normal. This act makes horror films look like an ordinary one, making viewers tired of seeing the movie. Indian writers are often categorized as badly due to their pattern of scripting a movie. Their ideas are not epic enough, so individuals don’t know why writer’s think of those things. Whenever there’s a noise from the room, artists don’t scream, run or act like they’re afraid. The only thing that occurs is when they’ll slowly ask “who are you” which is bad.

Why Indians Make Bad Horror Movies

These ghosts are not supposed to introduce themselves or reply you, so the best way is to act terrified. People from other countries script better horror movies than Indians due to these lapses. After you’ve endured by seeing the movie till the end, what happens next will almost make you break your television screen. Their writing pattern is always similar, so you can literally predict the horror movie before you watch it.

Another reason is that Indians make good romantic movies, so it’ll be difficult to produce horror movies without adding other areas of expertise. Getting accustomed to acting horror movies would take time, as it’s a borrowed type that they’re trying to adapt to. Romance and other types of movies are loved by their citizens, but fans who love horror movies are few, so the budget for producing them are always low.